I’m Sara Hini

Let’s talk WORK.  

Sara is a creative director, photographer and curator. Her first medium of expression was photography, a field in which she created and led multiple projects with passion. She co-founded the online magazine AYE in 2015, and the platform has since become a cultural reference for dynamic photography in Montreal. 

As creative director, Sara also conceptualized and curated three editions of ANALOG/MTL alongside her team at AYE. She’s the co-creator and creative director of The Womanhood Project, an award-winning series featured in local and international press, including: Vogue Italia,  iD-Vice, Elle, Konbini and La Presse. 

Most recently, Sara launched She Haze, a series of powerful portraits exploring the intersection of womxn and weed, a collaboration between AYE and Allume. It was featured in Merry Jane and Huffington Post. As a freelancer, she was also a collaborator for Vice Media, where she interviewed emerging Montreal artists. Sara’s educational background is just as eclectic as her accomplishments; she studied in various fields such as film, digital marketing and intercultural relationships.

The Journal de Montréal named her an inspiring woman to follow in 2017 and 2018.

She works in french or english and she’s perfectly fluent in both.


Let’s get PERSONAL.

Sara was born in Algeria, lived in France and grew up in Montreal, where she’s currently based. 

After her first year of university, she decided to buy a camera and teach herself photography while travelling. She stayed in Indonesia for 3 months, where she had the chance to volunteer in the media department of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. Afterwards, her next stop was Guatemala, where she honed her photography skills for six months. In between these adventures, Sara planted trees in British Columbia’s wilderness to support her travels and expenses. 

After three years on the road, she returned to Montreal with a strong desire to push the boundaries of creativity, and realized all her ideas. She always prioritized a human approach. 

Photography has always been an outlet for Sara to satisfy her genuine and deep curiosity about the world and the people she meets along the way.  Her other passions include climbing and reading everything she can about psychology, sexology and relationships.